There's nothing like a finish line to help you appreciate the tiny details. As I write this, the living room is stacked with boxes ready to be driven to San Diego, each one of them representing a goal along the journey to Comic-Con.

The biggest lesson in this has been the power of finishing things. You learn so much in those last tiny details that you'd never encounter without driving through to the finish line.

As so often happens with deadlines, though, they don't play nicely. The goal for this website, for instance, was simple: publish the website before Comic-Con. And had that goal existed by itself, it would have been simple. Unfortunately, as Neil Gaiman has pointed out,

It's the whole thing of deadlines being cowards, and not spacing themselves out sensibly, but hiding behind things and leaping out at people all at once.

Deadlines have been leaping out at me, that's for sure. The last month has been a flurry of deadlines, one after the other, most requiring me to finish them completely before moving on to the next. But this particular deadline is about to breathe its last sweaty breath...

Here we go:

Welcome to the Toucan website and blog. I'll be using this space to publish tips and tricks, book reviews, and other resources for achieving your creative goals.

Thanks for reading, and keep in touch. Now go finish something!