From the back cover:

Which would you rather be? The reader or the writer? The admirer or the artist? The fanboy or the filmmaker? If you chose any of the latter, Epic Win! The Geek’s Guide to the Journey from Fan to Creator is your handbook to making that dream your future. 

Author and motivational speaker Douglas Neff brings his wildly popular and inspiring San Diego Comic-Con workshop, "From Fan to Creator: Making the Dream a Reality," out of the convention hall and onto the page. Written specifically for the geek at heart, Epic Win! is designed to help struggling artists of all kinds understand why their creative goals matter and how to bring them to life. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Set a deadline and stick to it
  • Recruit a team of supporters to help you
  • Strengthen existing work habits and develop new ones
  • Overcome your creative obstacles
  • And finish what you’ve started

So if you’ve ever looked up into the nighttime sky and made a wish to be something greater than you are now, strap on your boots, pick up your sword, and start out on the journey to your own Epic Win!